Monday, February 3, 2014

Knots and Tortillas and Books and Stuff!

What do Knots, Tortillas, Books and Regattas have in common?
Absolutely nothing that I can think of.
It's just that it's been busy lately with a lot of very different things, making for an interesting time.

Our friend Steve wanted to learn how to make tortillas so he set up a cooking class with another cruiser, Angelica.  She taught Steve, Jim and several other friends how to make tortillas and enchilada sauce and how to put it all together to make wonderful enchiladas.

I wish I had been there to help with the eating!  While they were cooking, Hope and I went to St. Paul to catalog books for the Mount Airy Young Readers Program.  This Saturday morning tutoring program is primarily made possible by the cruisers who volunteer their time each week to help kids ages 6-16 improve their math and reading skills.  I'm not one of the tutors so I try to help with other projects that support this worthwhile endeavor.

Hope with Jan, who runs the Mount Airy program.

Ernie (S/V Stonecutter II) held a knot tying seminar at Clark's Court Bay marina.  I have been wanting to tie a Turks' Head knot to mark the center of our ships' wheel but the written instructions confuse me.  With Ernie's help, I made it past the tricky second step and from there it was easy.  Of course don't ask me if I could do it again!

I wasn't alone.  There were lots of confused faces!

Ta da!  My Turks' Head.
I know, it doesn't look like much.  Seems like it should be easier!

Grenada Sailing Week is going on right now with big boat racing, a work boat regatta and lots of parties.
We spent a beautiful day at the beach Saturday watching the work boat regatta and another beautiful afternoon Sunday watching a great dinghy concert before heading back to Prickly Bay Marina to watch the Super Bowl.  When the game started, a British man walked past Steve and Jim and said "Do you really like watching this rubbish?"  Hey, do we make nasty remarks when you're trying to watch cricket!

The regatta moves to Prickly Bay today so we'll probably attend some of tonight's festivities.
Then tomorrow morning I teach swimming to preschool kids and we have to go to St. George's Immigration office to renew our visa, Wednesday is the monthly book exchange at Island Water World followed by errands I need to run in town, Thursday we'll do our weekly grocery shopping and then make a dessert to take to a dinner on our friends boat and Friday is Grenada's Independence Day.  Busy week!  And you wondered what we did with all our free time!

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