Tuesday, April 29, 2014

De Big Fish

"Where everybody knows your name.
And they're always glad you came."
Remember that theme from the TV show Cheers?
De Big Fish in Grenada has been our Cheers for 5 years.


Tomorrow it will open for the last time.
Saturday was the last big bash!
We ate and drank and laughed and danced!

Hope and Steve (S/V Starshine)

Margit and Wolfgang (S/V MoMo)

Maurice and Maria (S/V Cattiva)

And many more friends that I neglected to take pictures of.
We have celebrated birthdays, Christmas, New Years, arrivals and departures, held pot luck dinners and fundraisers at De Big Fish.
Thank you to Rikky and staff for all the memories!


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  1. Good memories of "D Fish". We wish Rikki all the best with his next business venture.