Monday, April 14, 2014

Sundays at the Pool

I love Sundays.
Sundays in Grenada, that is.
I know that we are retired and that one day should be the same as the next but for some reason that I can't explain, they aren't.  Businesses are closed on Sunday so the island is quiet.  There are activities during the week and chores but there are also lots of days when we don't do much of anything.  Sunday should be a good boat project day but we rarely use our time for that.  On Sunday mornings we go for a swim at the University Club.  We might meet friends or hang out alone.  We sit by the pool and read a book, maybe play bocci ball, have lunch or nap in a lounge chair.  Lately we've taken to treating ourselves to a pina colada from the beach bar.  It makes us feel like we are on vacation.  Yes, even when you live in paradise you need a vacation.  Or at least a change from the everyday.
We call that Sunday.

Our "private pool" as no one else was there when we arrived.

Jim in his favorite Sunday spot.

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