Saturday, April 12, 2014

Grenada Fun!

We have been very busy lately!
So much to do, so much fun to be had!
A few weeks ago we decided to play tourist and headed out around the island.  For some of us it was a visit to new places and for others, a return to a favorite.  It was a great day!

We visited Belmont Estate, where they process cocoa for the Grenada Chocolate Company.
There is also a new endeavor since my last visit.  They are raising goats and making wonderful cheese.

We also took a tour of West India Spices, Inc where they bottle essential oils like lemongrass, nutmeg and allspice.  Beautiful, modern operation and an interesting tour.

Another day we rode 2 buses to get to the town of Grenville to try out a restaurant we heard about.  You know you are retired and living on a island when you can spend 6 hours just going to lunch!  But it was worth it and the trip across the island is beautiful.  We took the bus through the Grand Etang rain forest to get there and the coastal road back which makes the ride another island tour!

While in Grenville we were treated to this parade of students.  They were celebrating the kick-off of their inter-school track and field competition.

The Grand Etang road to Grenville

Another culinary adventure was the Oil Down that Cutty, our taxi driver friend invited cruisers to.  Oil Down is the national dish of Grenada and is a wonderful stew of green banana and papaya, callaloo, coconut milk, turmeric, dumplings, breadfruit and chicken, pork or saltfish.  It's cooked in a huge kettle over an open fire and typically is a neighborhood event.  Everyone helps.

Ready for the fire and covered in callaloo leaves which is similar to spinach.

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  1. We remember Cutty well and fondly. Enjoying re-living some Grenada memories through your blog.